Confirmed the sixth case of Covid-19 in Campeche


CAMPECHE.- With the notification of the sixth positive Covid-19 in the entity, the State Secretary for Health said that to 10 days the first case tested, two of the infected have already recovered fully, and left the home isolation.

However, the speed of suspected cases in the entity registers a speedup of four to five per day, to which they called once more to the population to take extreme measures of prevention.

Up until now, and 39 days of the onset of the first case in Mexico, in Campeche both the positive and the suspects are people who traveled abroad or to the interior of the country, indicates that it is still nor there is scattering community.

Xochitl Pootofficer of the Secretariat of Health and who is the face of the unit to the community in this pandemic, he said that the sixth positive case corresponds to a man of the municipality of Carmen and that is both stable and in isolation.

It transpired that it is the private secretary of the mayor carmelita Oscar Rosas Gonzalez, who according to several sources “in a gesture of responsibility decided to isolate themselves in their place of residence” in what is confirmed if you do not have symptoms of the Covid-19 due to the contact he had with his partner.

So, in Campeche has six positive cases, three of them in Carmen and the other in the capital municipality; 21 negative and 12 suspects and in analysis.


Before the suspension of the mass, some priests, such as the case of Fr. Fernando Velez Pereyra he began the exposition of the Blessed sacrament through the streets of the stripe Kalá and Colonial Campeche for the faithful to come to the doors of their houses, and receive the blessing.- Martin Acosta Pacheco

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