Confused about Jennifer Lawrence’s mother! Despite being close to the director

The actress has been dating Darren Aronofsky for several months.

Jennifer Lawrence Is a famous American actress who was born on August 15, 1990 in Indian Hills. A star who, though very young, has already had a respectable career, showcasing great talent and incredible acting versatility. In the cinema, in particular, her debut took place in 2008, when she appeared in poker house Of lullaby box then joining the headers of the ability Garden party (2008), Burning Plains – Edge of Solitude (2008), freezing cold (2010), mr beaver (2011), like crazy (2011). The first role that endeared him exclusively to the general public was Katniss Everdeen In hunger games (2012) which he also resumes in the following chapters.

Jennifer Lawrence made her film debut poker house by Lori Petty

Jennifer Lawrence - Cinematograph

Another rough project in which Jennifer Lawrence took part Mother!This film released in 2017 is directed by darren aronofsky (recently returned whale what he saw Brendan Fraser win an oscar as Best Leading Actor, The project, presented at the competition in Cannes 2017, was completely rejected by critics, with many journalists criticizing the film. A very divisive and particular title, as well as clearly very complex to understand. Jennifer Lawrence, in fact, during a recent conversation Andy Cohen during your program Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen (via People) said that, although she was engaged to the film’s director during that period, she never fully understood what was behind it. Mother! Of course, this only confirms the truly incredible difficulty of understanding.

“I’ll be honest. Well, I was sleeping with the director, so I had some guidelines. So…5? Or 4. But if anyone needs advice on understanding his movies, you know what to do!”

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