Confusion between credit cards: the BCRA measure will stop trips in installments within the country

The ban on paying in installments by credit card for tickets abroad issued yesterday by the Central Bank generated enormous confusion between banks and credit cards since its objective, to discourage travel abroad and thus promote domestic tourism, will cause the reverse effect, at least in the immediate: it could stop payments in installments to pay for tourist services within the country. It happens that, given the untimely nature of the measure, in many cases the broadcasters have no way of distinguishing whether the payment in installments requested by a travel agency, an airline or a digital platform corresponds to a service to be provided inside or outside the country .

Sources from the credit card sector told Infobae last night that they made the decision to reject operations in installments to pay for “packages” or tourist services even in the event that it cannot be determined whether it is an international or domestic consumption. “If the issuer receives a payment from a tourism wholesaler in installments, it has no way of knowing if it is a trip to Chile or Mendoza. If you are not sure that the service is provided in the country, the payment in installments by card cannot be made and will be rejected, ”said a credit card executive.

The impossibility is even greater in the case of digital platforms, which sell multiple services in installments both internationally and within Argentina. The sources assured that Since midnight last night, many packages in installments to travel within the country – precisely what the government promotes – are rejected for this reason.

“If you pay with a card at the supermarket, the card cannot tell if you bought bread or bought milk. You only know an amount and a number of installments. This is the same ”, explained sources from the credit card sector.

The only exception to this problem, they added, is the case of payments for the Now 12 program., the government’s plan to finance consumption in fixed installments. Then, card payments are processed with a different code that of conventional operations in 12 installments. Because it is an official program and carry that code, payments made with “Now plans” were left out of this confusion and have no problems.

But many other operations in installments, emphasized in the card issuers, will be rejected for not being able to know where the customer is traveling. “If you pay with a card at the supermarket, the card cannot tell if you bought bread or bought milk. You only know an amount and a number of installments. This is the same ”, they explained.

On the other hand, as he learned Infobae, none of the leading card issuers received prior information from the Central Bank to determine how the measure would be implemented, which was made known to the media. Given the surprise of the decision and the immediacy of its application, the cards decided last night that, When in doubt, they will reject any transaction in installments linked to tourist services in which the place of the service cannot be determined.

The BCRA measure was known late yesterday afternoon to be applied from yesterday at midnight. The urgency of the Central originated in the fact that today is Black Friday, the traditional day of discounts in the United States that, as usual, has an Argentine version that includes tourist packages. Many travel wholesalers and digital platforms had launched multiple offers of tickets, hotels and tour packages in installments. The opening of borders around the world anticipated a strong day of sales of tickets abroad, as noted by Infobae. The Central Bank went out to prevent this outflow of dollars but the cards, at least until last night, claimed to have no way of complying with the norm.


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