Conglomerate companies of the United Ikut Sumbang mask For Corona, Specifically for the Region . . . .


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After the establishment of Jack Ma and Facebook, Apple, the donation of millions of respiratory mask, the level of the industry published by the health organization.

Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that efforts to overcome the lack of supplies and equipment for the health service Provider in the United States of America (USA) and Europe.

“We donate millions of masks to said medical personnel in the United States and Europe,” cook reported DiversityOn Monday (23/3/2020).

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On Saturday (21/3/2020), Vice-President, Mike Pence said, Apple donated 2 million masks for the organization of the US health authority.

Pence said, “the President and I actually listen directly from Apple, you have 2 million masks industry, accounted for, and share in partnership with our administration and you.”

Mask respirator is the N95 mask, personal protective equipment used to control exposure to communicable infections through the air route.