Congressman Briones assures the platform that he will leave the dispute to Pedro Sánchez

Congressman Briones assures the platform that he will leave the dispute to Pedro Sánchezplatform

Finally, it is expected that the Board of Directors’ contact information Non-Á Balsa Cornanda-Tambre Platform with Senator Brian, socialist Pablo Lago. Those present took the opportunity to ask him to “transfer ministries from his own party to the Neighborhood Concern project and say he will do it… He will eat with Pedro Sánchez and he will do it”. Will also comment on this. ”

In fact, it is one of the main news Locals made it clear at a meeting that the president “appreciates our work and the wear and tear that comes with it.”

Among the points to discuss, platform requirements Data about future rafts“Now that BNG has asked the Galician Assembly or the project as a whole, we asked the mayor what the project entails,” they noted. According to Lago, this data is consistent with data previously published on the website of the Brion municipality.

Another important anchor of this Konanda neighborhood group is Get in touch with Ogas de Galicia Explain the current status and impacts of future water infrastructure. The councilor assured them that he had met Director Ogas about a month ago, accompanied by a member of the opposition, “but for another issue, according to the most urgent matters of the Council.” Furthermore, Lago Reiterating to the members of the platform who were still waiting to be received by the aforementioned autonomous entity, he did not allow them to attend that meeting “because of other reasons”.

Regarding the request for the Central Administration to know the residents of Konanda (to which the President added contact with the Acting Chairman of the Government), it should be noted that, in fact, on Sunday, September 17, A Food in Oroso With a socialist fighting spirit… The President of the Government was one of those invited to the meeting.


Curiously, on the same day as the 17th, the platform against Balsa planned a revenge march Discover the natural value of the environment, starting from the Barrié de la Maza dam (11:00 am) and arriving at Pedra do Santo, 4 km away in Busto.

“We say there are serious and very serious problems with the project, among them There was never a joint venture with the community that owns two parcels of land on which the future raft will be sited.” Pablo Lago also promised to inquire about the matter.

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