Connor, who is and what does the (handsome) son of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, now 29 years old

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman have a son who was adopted while they were still married. That’s who this young man is and what he does.

The former couple have been together for a long time, having said a fateful “yes” on Christmas Eve 1990. They married in a Scientology ceremony., Cruz’s religion despite being a Catholic. In this way, both have attracted the attention of the media, so much so that they have become one of the most beloved couples in the world of entertainment world. However, after the tenth wedding anniversary, a separation occurs. which leads them to two different paths. There is no reliable information about the reasons that led to their breakup, and while Kidman has spoken about her marriage in the past, she hasn’t revealed anything else about the breakup.

However, some rumors say that Scientology may have had a big impact on Tom Cruise’s decision separate from his wife, especially since she never wanted to accept this cult. However, it is known for sure that the actress had a real psychological breakdown at the time of parting, so much so that she suffered from depression. In 2001, they both signed divorce papers and parted ways for good. However, many do not know that Kidman became pregnant from him. early in their marriage, but it was an ectopic pregnancy. Therefore, both chose the path of adoption, and in their lives two children Isabella Jane and Connor Anthony arrived who, after the divorce of their parents, decided to live with their father and accept the cult of Scientology.

Connor Cruz recently appeared in public, and many fans wondered who the son of the famous Hollywood actor is and what he does today. Here’s everything you need to know about him.

Who is Connor Cruise and what does he do: all about the son of Tom and Nicole Kidman

It has been a long time since young Connor appeared in public, who has always been very reserved and immediately preferred to stay out of the limelight. But now he has published – as rarely happens – photograph of him in the company of a friend on the occasion of a golf match at the exclusive Pelican Golf Club in Bellaire, Florida. Tom Cruise’s son lives right there in the Scientology community and devotes a lot of time to sports. In fact, he had previously released some footage of the fishing competition he competed in in Sarasota. However, many are wondering which path Connor took. what is now far from the world of entertainment and who did not want to follow in the footsteps of their parents.

Connor Cruz, here’s what he’s doing today (photo: Connor Cruz’s Instagram profile)

In fact, Connor Cruise tried his hand at DJing for a while, but didn’t get the results he wanted, so he tried to become an actor. He actually appeared in the movie seven souls Gabriele Muccino, in which he plays a young Will Smith in one scene. Also starred in Red Dawn – Red Dawn along with Chris Hemsworth, but soon realized that this was not his way. Therefore, he tried to become a digital entrepreneur, that is, an influencer in the food industry. In fact, Connor created – along with his real estate friend Kim Joyce – featured page on instagram Connor’s meat junkin which he shared footage with fans showing different ways of cooking meat on the grill.

However, it was noted that the last post was dated January 2022 and therefore this activity also did not bring the result he expected.. At the moment, there is no other information about what the young man is doing today, but it is known for sure that he loves nature and sports, to which he devotes himself in his free time.

Connor Cruz and relationship with Nicole’s mother: further and further

He and his sister Isabella, now 30, were adopted by Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise when they were still babies. Then they grew up in their own family and they got all the love they needed. However, the parents’ divorce separated the mother from the children, as they themselves wanted to stay with their father and grow up in the Scientology faith. There was a lot of talk about Kidman’s rocky relationship with them, and she came out on several occasions. who intends to keep the type of relationship secret and confidential what’s up with both. It is often said in the media that this decision is dictated by the fact that there is actually no relationship between them, given that the children decided to distance themselves from her.

Connor Cruise and his relationship with Nicole Kidman (photo: Ansa/Instagram Connor Cruise’s official profile)

I wouldn’t hesitate to give my life for them“, – said the actress in an interview, –but they are adults, they are able to make their own decisions. They decided to join Scientology.”. Connor and Isabella’s relationship with their father Tom Cruise is different, with whom they also lived while he was married to Katie Holmes. In fact, over the years, Connor and Tom have often been immortalized at public events, although such appearances have become increasingly rare in recent times. In fact, Connor didn’t even attend the film’s premiere. Tom Gun, which, by the way, was a great success.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman after a divorce: how is their personal life going today

After the breakup of the former couple Cruz-Kidman, both went their separate ways and met other people. In fact, actor Tom Gun was romantically involved – from 2001 to 2004 – with his co-star Penelope Cruz, and later to former Scientologist actress Nazanin Boniadi. However, in 2006 he married Katie Holmes at Odescalchi’s castle in Bracciano and they had a daughter, Suri. However, in 2012, after six years of marriage, they broke up, and in 2020, the actor began an affair with Hayley Atwell. She is 20 years younger and they love each other very much. but their story soon came to an end.

Tom Cruise and the story with Nicole Kidman after the divorce (photo: Ansa)

Instead, Nicole Kidman married — in 2005 — country singer-songwriter Keith Urban. From their love, two daughters Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret are born.born to a surrogate mother in 2010. The couple kept the baby girl’s birth a secret until it was officially announced in 2011. Today, she and her husband are increasingly in love with each other, often appearing together at the various events they attend. they participate.

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