Conor McGregor breaks out against China by the coronavirus


The world is in crisis due to the pandemic coronavirus that extends throughout the planet; all the countries are trying to stock up on the necessary medical equipment to treat the patients infected within their borders, and that is that hiv infections continue to rise and as accumulate a total of 1 million 201 thousand and 933 confirmed cases in the world, plus 64 thousand 720 deaths.

Respirators, masks, goggles, protective equipment to doctors and care for the infected, etc, are in constant motion order to meet the needs of each nation, but the arrival in Ireland of a lot with this kind of material, without the necessary requirements which came from China, woke up to the discomfort of the fighter Conor McGregor.

Through his Twitter account, the wrestler put forward their anger against the asian nation and accused them of having a wrongful behavior.

“Really horrendous. These people are not only driving up prices in all our articles. Masks, visors, gloves, fans, ventilators, pumps, oxygen monitors, l that is. Everything is going up in price. And now the lots are not served! Behavior ridiculously inhumane,”said McGregor.

Coronavirus in Ireland

According to the page that takes a count of the cases of coronavirus, deaths, and recovered from each country, Ireland sum 4 thousand 604 infectious patients, 137 deaths and 25 people recovered.

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