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Console versions of Frostpunk will receive add-ons in late July

11 Bit Studios announced that the console versions of Frostpunk for PS4 and Xbox One will receive three expansions on July 21st.

The three expansions – The Last Autumn, On the Edge, and The Rifts – bring not only new gameplay mechanics and new buildings, but also new stories and dilemmas that will expand the knowledge of the harsh city-building survival simulator.

“The Last Autumn” is a prequel set before endless snow, with green trees, a ship dock used for resource extraction, and a task for players to watch the construction of the base game generator – a technological miracle that could save us all. You must decide how much you will push your people in the struggle to create a generator that can be the last hope of humanity.

The narrative of “On the Edge” follows the events after the Great Storm and after the end of the main game. Your mission is to build and maintain an outpost far beyond the city limits. You are on your own – without a Generator – but the ability to extract resources from a newly discovered military depot seems to be worth the risk. It is equally risky but also worth the effort to maintain trade routes with the settlements of other survivors.

The Rifts adds a new endless map and bridges, a new type of construction to collect resources scattered across the islands.

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