Conspiracy Britney Spears, did they want a double? shocking statement of a dancer

Britney Spears – Source: ANSA –

The “Britney Spears conspiracy” continues to expand and add disturbing new information. The sensational confession of a ballerina has come to the fore: what is the truth?

For several months if not now, the idea has been floating around the internet world that Britney Spears What we see every day on social media is not real. There are people who argue who is the real singer dead now long ago and what we see is a Option Or, even, an image corrected by artificial intelligence.

In fact, for some time now, the pop star has not participated in any public event with cameras and video cameras. it is recent Marriage with model Sam Ashgari – which theoretically included several VIPs mother of jesus And Selena Gomez – There has been a lot of discussion and many fans are very suspicious of photos that have been published online that appear to be some Strange,

Obviously there’s no definitive news, but a new qualified witness has come to the fore in the past few hours, Ashley Pitzer, girl most famous for being a look alike Singer, who often impersonates for work at various events. The actor has revealed that a director has approached him to play his character once again, but for a very special occasion.

Britney Spears lookalike Ashley Pitzer speaks out

as reported, Ashley Pitzer He said that a director had contacted him, who would have asked him to come to Cannes as soon as possible. should have turned here Video Of Mind your own businessnew song coming soon Britney Spears will be released in collaboration with the peer will.i.mhistorical member of Black Eyed Peas,

The dancer, as she herself declares, was actually supposed to impersonate the singer with the help of a technique called “deep fake”. ,In early June I was asked to be Britney Spears for a Mind Your Business video. They wanted to use deep fake techniques and make me wear a yellow bikini. I asked if Britney accepted it and they didn’t answer me, Then I politely declined the offer. (…) The alarm bells rang from the very beginning of this project. I’ve never seen the papers and I don’t even know if this director was real and speaking for Britney,

continued: “My manager asked why I was selected. He was told that Will.I.I.M loved the way I danced and moved. But why not use the real Britney? Lots of things that just don’t add up. This deepfake thing is so weird, Obviously, no one has confirmed the dancer’s version at the moment, but it would be really disturbing if it were true.

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