Contact with the victim Died of a Positive Corona, 117 citizens Wonogiri Status ODP


WONOGIRI, – A total of 117 residents of the district of Wonogiri status of people in the monitoring (ODP), because it has died direct contact with the victim, a positive corona virus, the last week in RSUD Dr Moewardi Solo.

Currently, 117 inhabitants to the status of the ODP, while in quarantine, even in its living and

Regent of Wonogiri, Joko Sutopo confirmed Kompas.comSaturday (21/3/2020) explained, 117 the citizens was declared, ODP, after the team of the Department of health to do tracing.

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“The number of citizens in the ODP-117 because they are never in direct contact with the victims of the positive corona, the died,” said Joko Sutopo, who is familiar called Jekek.

He works out of 117 residents of the ODP consists of 59 paramedics Slogohimo the care for the victims, 11 in the vicinity of the family, and 49 citizens who never visit, while the victim was treated.

Conditions 117 of the ODP in good condition. Has not health problems such as cough, heat, shortness of breath reported.

The entire ODP conducted the monitoring of up to 14 days in the future. If you do not show symptoms of the infected corona, 117 people, is it removable status of the ODP.

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Reported earlier, a total of 67 well-wishers, the patient died positive corona, the origin of the Wonogiri observed by the government of the Regency of Wonogiri.

The patient, the mother of the household was visited, while in the hospital in Slogohimo, Wonogiri, Central Java.

In these places, the patients treated, since the 9. March 2020 to 13. March 2020.

Patients, when not made by, and contact samples.