Conte considers offensive the assumption that Russia put conditions to help Italy



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ROME (Sputnik) — The Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte called it a serious offense to the assumption that Russia put conditions for providing aid to Italy, in an interview to BBC.

“The same suspicion that it so offends me deeply. It is an offence to the Italian Government to think that the help that we receive from Russia, China or other countries can influence the positioning geo-political of Italy. It is a serious offense to me and also to Vladimir Putin who even thought of using this situation to make pressure,” said Conte.

Speaking of the reaction of the EU to the emergence of COVID-19the chief Executive of Italian was of the view that ” it is a tough test for the Union: “If we do not seize the opportunity to revitalize the european project, will be high risk of failure.”

In terms of the timeliness of the measures to contain the spread of the virus, Conte explained that Italy has “a completely different system with regard to China. For us the limitation of constitutional freedoms was a critical decision (…) If I had proposed to do so from the beginning, when appeared the first foci, the people I would have taken you to be mad”.

“If you had returned to the past, I would have done the same”, remarked the prime minister.

Since the start of the pandemicin Italy it is recorded 139.422 cases of infection with COVID-19, among them 17.669 deceased and 26.491 recovered.

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