Controversial and iconic: Sharon Stone reflects on her famous ‘Basic Instinct’ scene

Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone

The actress reveals the strong influence of the controversial and iconic scene directed by Paul Verhoeven.

Sharon Stone recently revisited her unforgettable role in Basic Instinct.

In 1992, the Total Recall actress received international recognition for her role as Katherine Tramell in the neo-noir erotic thriller. The film starred Michael Douglas and was directed by Paul Verhoeven. A milestone that Stone recently spoke with Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace? on Max and CNN for one of the film’s most iconic scenes.

“Catherine Tramell Speaks Like a Man”

“When I looked at the script, I thought that the peculiarity of Catherine Tramell is that she speaks like a man,” recalls Sharon Stone. “And because he talks like a man, it’s so confusing for the men in the room. Because she answers them the same way they talk to her, which gets in the way.”

“I think it was not only right for the character, but systematically right for that historical period. We were very concerned about the AIDS controversy… this film got a triple X in its first review board review. You really don’t see much in this movie. And now we see men in full frontal nudity on TV. But nevertheless, we consider this film as a shocking and controversial moment in cinema. And actually, it’s pretty harmless compared to everything we see now.”

Reflecting on her interpretation of the scene and her legacy, Stone said, “First of all, my acting coach Roy London told me, ‘This is action. And this scene breaks the whole action. And he said, “So every moment in this scene has to be very specific; you have to be super-present in the moment as well.” I think the key to acting, the key to life, the key to everything is being super present in the moment. Little did I know that my super presence at that moment would forever change the dynamics of my life.”


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