controversy around former Twitter decision

Between the name change and discussions with the authorities on a new sign installed on the roof of the headquarters, Twitter X, of course, we cannot say that this is a calm period. Advertising revenue has been halved, plus competition has intensified with the advent of Threads. But if so many users are moving to the Meta platform, there is one who is doing the trick. returning after a long absence.

Kanye West really it was rehabilitated and his account was reactivated after being banned last December: The popular (and controversial) rapper – already banned in 2022, then reinstated and banned again – was one step away from acquiring Parler, an operation that was then aborted at the last minute with a sudden change of course. owner of Parliament Technologies. You – as he now calls himself – thus he was excluded from social networks. Up to this dayin fact, with the re-opening of his official account, which confirms the “pardon” granted by Elon Musk after the singer was widely criticized for antisemitic stances.

The return of E / West did not like the women Jewish communities. non-profit association Stop antisemitism commented:

We are disgusted to learn that Twitter has unblocked the anti-Semite Kanye West. What was once a platform for debate and discussion has become just a cesspool into which fanatics spew their hatred.

According to what Wall Street JournalE unable to monetize through his account (despite the golden checkmark), ads will not be shown next to his posts. So far, the rapper has not posted anything: the last tweet is dated December 2022.

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