Controversy: Fans of Yanet Garcia attack Google by describing it as “Man the weather” oh, Fatal error!


The popular speaker of the tv is a victim of the algorithms of Google and its most enthusiastic supporters do not seem to be satisfied with it.

Yanet Garcia is a popular mexican model, who thanks to their hard work and preparation, she received the opportunity after a presentation on the program People Regia, the national tv channel Televisa, one of the leading in the country. To be for a long time the presenter of the weather.

In its function as a television presenter, shocked the mexican society with her charm, charisma and above all with its stunning appeal, this is because the model is fond of fitness and your sculpted figure shows it.

However his career presenter came to an end and many of your followers miss your extroverted and controversial presentations, however, and to the joy of all their fans, the career of this model continues with its recurrent activity in Instagram.

Recently, he was part of a solidarity project where it allows its audience to compete for 5000$ in order to help some families cope with the current health crisis that traverses the world. For the actress, nothing has been easy and currently facing a situation where the language used by the Google search engine is termed the “Man of the climate.”

Some social activists, feminist groups, and other organizations seeking to claim women and the full inclusion of the female role in society, have shown their dislike for this error, and require Google to correct this injustice as soon as possible.