Controversy left behind by Dembele

LHis controversy has been one of the most faithful travel companions Dembele during his adventure fc barcelona.his Weird life away from green This has seriously hurt him more than once. That, combined with a plethora of injuries, has prevented the French winger from being fully successful through the Courlay entity.

upon arrival HarveySince then, Dembele’s disciplinary violations have faded a little bit.However, in his early seasons, he accumulated Worrying baggage of controversy Ongoing matters have weighed on his stay in Barcelona. Plus, he doesn’t shine on the mat when he gets the chance.

Ousmane Dembele’s approach to Marca is genuine.

video game night

The problem was always with his nightlife. The Frenchman was by no means a partygoer like Ronaldinho was. Neither does poker, like Neymar did. DembeleInstead, he has a Irrevocable connection to console. His nights are spent with the remote in hand and the TV on.

training delay

Playing games on the console until the early hours kept the Frenchman from getting out of bed and arriving on time for his appointment at Club Barcelona. His training delays aren’t just recurring.

to pay 200,000 euro fine for these delays. In addition, Xavi was already on the bench and, although more focused, he was the first to be hurt by the strict fine system of Egal’s players and had to pay for being three minutes late.

Dembele took part in Barcelona training during his trip to the United States.

Other times before, he didn’t even show up, fake gastroenteritis And put the club in suspense without any warning of his absence.this sometimes results in Barcelona forbid him to turn off or mute his phone at night.

This doesn’t just happen in training. He was also often off-time for meetings and other club commitments. In fact, Christmas Team Dinner 2021the Frenchman was an hour late.

bad eating habits

One of the strangest controversies that Dembele has starred in has to do with his diet.This is not exactly appropriate and Barça has a personal chef for his house. The Frenchman was less than happy and fired him a few weeks later.

accused of racism

One of the footballer’s most criticized incidents during his six years at Barca came after a video was released in which he Dembele and Griezmann swap racist jokes. “Aren’t you ashamed of all these ugly faces just so you can play PES?” El Mosquito asked El Príncipe during a trip to Japan.

unnecessary eviction

His mind never helped him. In his early years, not showing any signs of maturity. Whether on or off the field. In some cases, he hurt the team by not knowing how to act rationally.

For example, in a game in 2019, after receiving a yellow card, he approached and shot Mateu Lahoz in the closing stages: “You are so bad”. The former college player from Valencia was shown the red card.Considering this, the situation becomes even more serious classic is coming The French could not be there due to expulsion.

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