Controversy over direct Rome-Pompeii train

A direct and high-speed connection to bring tourists from the capital to the archaeological site of Pompeii in just two hours. The news, sold by the Ministry of Culture last April as a “miracle of cultural tourism”, was widely reported as the beginning of a new era for Pompeii, accessible only regionally and only through Naples. However, more than a month after the announcement, came the official communication on Frecciarosa frequency: once a month, always with the third Sunday. The internet didn’t see us anymore, and the memes started falling like rain.

Opening of the Fracciarosa Rome-Pompeii
Opening of the Fracciarosa Rome-Pompeii

Reactions to “Monthly Broadcast” and memes on social media

The monthly cattle truck idea, as might be imagined, did not receive the same acclaim as the initial announcement: Facebook and Instagram pages mo(n)stre A meme posted on the roof of a packed Indian train with large letters reminding that the train was leaving Rome “once in a month”, and then, on the accounts of 3rd Republic Daily Update It read: “When she was there, the trains came once a month”. Even on TikTok, users picked up on the words of the politicians who had gone unbalanced, in a mix of confusion and irony: “We really have lost our sense of the funny in this country” The governor of Campania said in honor of the microphone Vincent DeLuca, ,The ceremony had to be done in a hurry, because otherwise someone would have come to know that the train comes once a month, and perhaps it would have embarrassed the Prime Minister as well…”,

On your part, activists of the world of culture do you know me? He responded with the famous Drake meme on his social channels, featuring Sangiuliano’s face instead of the singer’s. Not only that: he also commented on the presentation of the train last July 16, underlining how “Despite the presence of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, the opening of the monthly Fracciarosa Rome-Pompeii has turned into a boomerang. Tourism minister absent without notice, half-empty train despite huge crowd of invited officials: students and archeological researchers were also filled to make up for it. Journalists after being invited were kept at a distance and loaded into different vehicles: probably out of fear that no one would ask Why so much celebration for a monthly train which takes almost the same time as the existing trains. Finally, there is a flood of social and media teasing,

Reformative announcement of the Ministry of Culture

And so the ministry got the shot right. ,The new direct Frecciarossa Rome-Pompei train, launched in collaboration between the Ministry of Culture and the Ferrovie dello Stato group and inaugurated on Sunday 16 July, has attracted a lot of attention from citizens and received an excellent response in terms of users.”, commented the Minister of Culture on 18 July, janeiro sangiuliano, in a joint note with Infrastructure and Transport Minister Matteo Salvini and FS Group CEO Luigi Ferraris. ,As already announced on the sidelines of the first visit in the presence of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, we are particularly pleased to announce this. New connection will be commissioned on weekly basis, every Sunday, starting August 6th. This will give us more opportunities to quadruple the offer and reach one of the most famous destinations in the world from the capital with the Italian high-speed train. We are sure that this will increase the number of visitors to Pompeii Park and achieve new records. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport is working to upgrade the railway network in the south and this strategy includes full access to major archaeological sites, Quick response or last minute rescue?

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