Convent nuns support Sister Estella by selling food – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

The nuns of the Convent of Clarissa Capuccino They thanked Chihuahua residents for the support they received in the last two weeks of July, where they sold homemade products they made with the goal of raising money to get needed antibiotics for Sister Estella, who was hospitalized in Chihuahua. General Vanessa.

From July 17 until Monday yesterday, the sisters devoted themselves to selling pineapple pies, oatmeal cookies, campechana and rompope that they made themselves. The products ranged from 35 pesos to 70 pesos, but some buyers also donated to them to cover The cost of antibiotics. Sister Estella needs it.

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Sister Estella was hospitalized and intubated at the same hospital due to a lung infection. They had to give large doses of antibiotics every day because the bacteria didn’t subside. In fact, the infection had spread to the urinary tract, making his recovery more difficult, so they had to use a stronger antibiotic called Zavicefta, which cost about 90,000 pesos.

This antibiotic is used to treat complicated intra-abdominal and urinary tract infections and pneumonia. This drug is only used in hospitals. It’s one of the strongest antibiotics on the market to treat infections, even though it’s already bloodborne, which is why it costs so much.

The sisters of the Capuchin Convent of the Poor Claire are advertising their sale on their official Facebook page, where people from the capital place their orders after Tecnológico de Monterrey (4709 rue General Manuel Rincon) and Make a purchase. The sisters said there were a lot of people coming over just to donate to them.

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Thanks to the generous donations of the people of Chihuahua over the past two weeks, the sisters were able to raise the amount needed to take the medicine for Sister Estella. Today is the last day of her treatment and the Capuchin sisters hope for a happy ending. News of his recovery came quickly.

After her last injection of antibiotics at 4:00 pm today, Sister Estella hopes that the new research will reflect her impending recovery and that she will be able to return to the convent with her family soon. She’s been in the hospital since the day they had to admit her.

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