Cool girly bob, new haircut, loved by the stars: Emma Stone leads the way

lThe main character of the film, awarded the Golden Lion in Venice, serves as a special model for a new look, ideal for autumn.

Looking for a new look to start fall? The idea was suggested by famous hairdressers. Mara Roshak who came up with it “cool girl bob” To be a special example for her, Emma Stone, the main character of the film was awarded the Golden Lion in Venice, “Poor things”.

What is a “cool girl bob”

And if in the film Bella BaxterThe young woman brought back to life by the scientist playing Emma Stone has long dark hair, which the talented actress actually cut short. “Cool Girl Bob” is edgy and sassy bob with a natural effect. Roszak cut off four inches of the Oscar winner’s shoulder-length hair and her new shade. oily blonde it was created by a hairdresser Tracy Cunningham.

Tips for your hairdresser

If you also want to copy her look, be sure to ask your hairstylist to keep the front length longer than the rest of your hair. The key to a cut is actually its movement, which gives it female volume effect But at the same time low costsperfect for a quick start to the new season.

Bob fashion

More and more celebrities prefer bobs. The declensions are endless: they range from shifted to Zendaya to a more specific one Hailey Bieber. If you’re in the mood to be more daring, you might be inspired by the short, fiery red hairstyle recently showcased Megan Fox. Made by a hairdresser Dimitris Jannetos, The new haircut is the shortest and boldest the actress has ever worn. Called “Red Velvet Bob” and reimagines the classic bob more boldly than ever. The change in look is so drastic that many Megan Fox fans thought it was a wig.

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