Coolidge and a sexual encounter with a much younger man

jennifer coolidgeActress who became famous for voicing Stifler’s mother in the saga American Pie, over the years she has told how that famous performance guaranteed her a decidedly active sex life. speaking in a recent interview with Ariana Grande For Entertainment Weekly, In fact, she revealed how her sex life improved after playing the iconic role.Mother,

It opened up the world to me for a great group of handsome men and young men,” she said. This particular young, legal man, obviously, it was all perfectly legal, but it was weird because we had to. .. One moment was a little awkward because he … No, I won’t go into detail.

But later next morning I told her that I want to do my hairdo. She was so young, we called her mother to ask where I could go. What happened over the phone was so awkward, it was clear that we were in bed together. Well, she finally recommended a local mall, so it was all good.

Despite the strange ending of the story, the coolidge said the boy with no namebest ass” I’ve ever had.

Was Definitely little boy. He was very attractive.

it’s not the first time jennifer coolidge After the advertisement talked about his sex life American Pie. In a recent interview for DiversityThe actress said that the role actually gave her the opportunity to sleep with more than 200 people.

I’ve got a lot of perks from being a MILF and I’ve gotten a lot of sex action out of American Pie. There were a lot of ups and downs in the making of that film. I mean, there are 200 people I would never sleep with.

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