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No matter how the environment changes, life will remain the same until meteorites do their thing. No pandemic or environmental disaster can defeat us, let alone the conviction of some children for recording their father having sex with another man. Their suffering is no shame if we look at it from a long-term perspective. Three years, two years… to record or play. That’s a lot if we convert them into hours, days, weeks or birthdays.

The elasticity of time is amazing, just like denying gravity at sixteen, having breasts that ride the waves, and having no cellulite or varicose veins in your legs.

We allow ourselves to be loved and embark on the adventure of parenthood without thinking that once that pink creature in our cradle becomes independent enough to be troubled by our sexuality, it might try to destroy us.

As stated in the sentence, the sex was as secret as possible since it was done in a park, albeit with precautions and branches, I have told you that it is rare if someone wants to clear the cobwebs A blow to truth, a blow to morality. They were sentenced for wanting to come out to someone they felt comfortable inside, and for their actions and deviance. But fundamentally, without paragraphs or lines, what stands out is the complete collapse of the respect, freedom, empathy or dignity that every human being deserves.

Who chased his father and recorded him while he had sex? Who does this to show his family who he really is, not who he wants to be in front of them? It’s just not to the point where being gay is considered something you shouldn’t hide from your family because you’re afraid of what they might do.

It’s a shame for all the Christians under the age of eighteen in the world who find themselves criticized and separated from their families because they don’t understand that they can like something they consider sinful or sick. If we study ancient Rome, we find that great emperors courted effeminate young men, which was seen as the ultimate proof of love. What is not allowed is sexual submission, which is also detrimental to women, no matter how aristocratic they are.

I had taken a mental break and when I came back the house had not been ironed, outdated sentences and floods made us swallow water when the drylands and wastelands desperately needed it. We sin, deified like history, which dresses each age as it pleases, then tears its clothes and mounts the chariot of the victor in the carnal battle of broken bones and fresh blood.

Those who kill in the name of a dictatorship are not guilty because the law supports them. They are not sons in denial of their father, nor do they reveal their most hidden secrets to others with the reptilian cold-bloodedness of those who educate dissidents about the horrors of torture.

Even if we escape a meteorite impact, we will never change. We are born to kill, prowl and destroy ourselves in any way possible, like a deadly virus that has no need to find a host because it is created from the DNA of each new generation.

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