Coqueluche, Santa Cruz: 67 active cases, 13 hospitalized, 3 in critical condition


In a recent report, Health Services Sector (Sedes) epidemiology manager Carlos Hurtado warned that the increase in Coqueluche cases in the sector was worrying. A new positive case was confirmed in El Torno in the past few hours, bringing the number of affected municipalities to nine.

According to figures provided by Hurtado, 210 cases of Coclutche have been registered so far this year and there are currently 67 active cases. In addition, 13 patients are hospitalized, three of whom are in a critical condition, putting their health at risk and requiring immediate medical attention.

A major concern for epidemiology managers is the late arrival of lab results. In particular, there were two positive cases at Children’s Hospital, but with a delay of about 10 to 12 days. This delay in diagnosis leads to the spread of the disease in settings such as hospitals, schools and the community.

Hurtado urged the National Center for Tropical Diseases (Cenetrop) to get the results as soon as possible so that patients can start appropriate treatment in the shortest possible time and keep the outbreak under control.

Carlos Hurtado, Epidemiology Manager, Health Sector (Sedes). Photo: NTV/Network One.

Authorities at Headquarters have stepped up vaccinations in the education sector as part of the Coclos containment and prevention plan to avoid further infections. Carmelo Salvatierra, city network coordinator at headquarters, updated that they are applying screening strategies in education centers to complete the pentavalent vaccination program for children under 5 years old.

Salvatila urged parents to take their children to health centers where vaccinations continue throughout the year. Likewise, he recalls the importance of going to a health center at the first symptoms of common winter diseases such as Coqueluche, flu, Covid-19 or the common cold, in order to obtain a timely medical diagnosis and receive appropriate treatment.

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