Coquette Diet, Military or K-Pop? Three-star food trends analyzed by a dietitian

In Heat There’s no escaping it: the most sought-after hashtags always have a trend #diet, #summer diet or #dress test, summer 2023 is no different and is one of summer dietThere are 3 that promise to be effective in just a few weeks go viral instantly On TikTok and now also on Instagram: The Coquette Diet, the Military Diet, and the K-Pop Idol Diet.

We tried to analyze them closely by commenting on them with Dr. Julian Ubeziodietician AttractionA Leading American Weight Loss Company.

Coquette Diet, Diet of Lana Del Rey and Lily Rose Depp

If we talk about planetary pop stars Lana Del Rey and art’s daughter lily rose depp One should immediately understand what style the social network is called «Coquette”. «Coquette girls» She’s got rosy cheeks and glossy lips, she’s dressed in lace and lace, she’s got a defined style “Coquette Aesthetic”. There Body that’s what they aspire to Thin And a little gothic-decadent, which is exactly what Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis’ daughter embodies.

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here he is coquette diet This is an extreme form of calorie restriction in which you consume very little food For fast weight loss. It is usually based on the idea of ​​restricting your caloric intake. a few hundred calories a dayoften throughelimination of entire food groups, such as carbohydrates or fats,

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Is such a diet not healthy in any way?
“Obviously this type of diet cannot be considered healthy in any way. Furthermore, it is almost clear that at the end of such a restrictive diet, Regain Lost Weight, But With Interest than a personalized, balanced and healthy food journey.

Why is the weight recovered “with interest”?
«It is a very rigid diet: it happens that you do not eat anything for a certain number of days, then apparently you lose weight, but not in the right way and when you start eating normally again , then the weight automatically begins to rise again because You have created a huge calorie deficit for only a short period of time. In fact, you eat even more, so you get exactly the opposite effect.

Why is it harmful to completely eliminate food groups such as carbohydrates and fats?
« The basic argument is always the same: These two macronutrients are taken out, because They have the most calories. it is true that Carbohydrates have the same number of calories as proteins but these The latter has a more dominant satiety effect. For this reason, the so-called protein diet (including ketogenic) are narrowly defined slimming diets (remember There The ketogenic diet is considered a medical treatment, Hence it can be prescribed and followed only after medical consultation, Ed, But in these cases there is harm because it is not a case of a balanced diet, which will eliminate the whole group of macronutrients from our body. lack of fuel (mainly from carbohydrates) for normal daily biological functions,

The coquette diet provides the requirement for a few hundred calories per day. In case of a girl aged between 15-25 years, height 160 cm and weight 50 kg, what should be her correct daily energy requirement in calories?
I will add others two factors is important in this example. The first is that this cited case, with these parameters, is related to A person of normal weight, but prone to thinness. Next, suppose this girl does not exercise. here, a sedentary young woman must be assumed with these physical references Around 1500-1600 kcal/day. Do you understand that the standards promoted by these diets are very dangerous?».

military diet, khloe kardashian diet

Looks like this is the restrictive diet the youngest sisters follow kardashian, khloe, it’s a structured diet three day cycle during which they are consumed specific foods in precise amounts, Principle? eat alone foods that reactivate the metabolism, Promote the process of weight loss. Diet includes a low calorie diet plan for three days, that are followed Four days with a less restrictive diet.

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What’s wrong with this diet?
“that don’t stand still, and therefore do not accustom the body to eat properly. Like everything related to the body, it takes persistence and training to get healthy and balanced results. Only one personalized route Can lead to proper and sustainable weight loss.

Why can lack of consistency prove to be a boomerang for weight loss?
« The secret to an effective and functional slimming diet is devotion over time, ie Diet becomes a lifestyle, When one is taught to eat in the right way, he naturally always does so. Following a rigid diet for a short period of time does not accustom the body or mind to the lifestyle, on the contrary it only achieves the opposite effect: You put the weight back on as soon as you change your diet,

The K-Pop Idol Diet, a diet inspired by Korean pop stars

There k-pop idol diet has become popular due toinfluence of k-pop stars, popular music genre in South Korea. This diet involves extreme calorie restriction and limited food choices. For example, this may include eating only apples or sweet potatoes for a long time So that the weight can be reduced fast.

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Eating only one food for a long time as it can be harmful to health?

“It is very harmful because the body gets used to the same food and hence anorexia manifests itself.” Imbalanced not only in macronutrients, but also in micronutrients. There is not the slightest scientific and rational basis for being able to follow such a restrictive diet for health.

What kind of health problems can such a diet cause?
“These types of diets create problems like loss of muscle tissue and severe physical and mental fatigue,

How to lose weight in a healthy way? with balanced and ad hoc diet

“Yes there can be a healthy alternative to these extreme diets.” calorie reduction if necessary, but continuously all day without an unnecessary spike in calories, eg always checked by a professional – Ubezio explains – this is important especially for those who practice sports, Cutting carbohydrates in favor of protein can be an option, but always for a short period of time and for those who need to lose a little weight.
In addition, it is better to eat correctly and consistently, rather than follow a diet that is too restrictive and harmful, Introduction to all micro and macro nutrients So that metabolic disturbances can be avoided.

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