Córdoba, epicenter of music

This week. The liver of the continent’s music industry, in the capital of the mainstream, digested the fearlessness of a Cordoba phenomenon. There Rayos Laser and Zoe gave testimony of a change of time for the music of the province that today is the epicenter of new artists.

Almost a decade ago, while the industry planisphere was still in the process of perversion on its geography and the questions were thick. In cordoba, Some kids created a cell, a kind of guerilla, with a romantic spirit and the nature of a record label, they came to subvert the status quo. It was called Discos del Bosque and it was in Villa Maria. They did not know what they were doing.

We are ten years behind. The recording industry dies, music production finds itself in a complex and intricate dilemma on how to reinvent the business. Records quickly became obsolete material. Consumption is distributed between prepaid and free on demand service platforms (spotify and YouTube). The monetization of music in Argentina is very low for the distributors of the traditional scheme. The labels advance on the artists with even more leonine contracts, they not only involve participation in the distribution of the artistic material produced, but also fit into the contracts on the chopped ticket commodore and the merch (this is “the band brand” T-shirts, hats etc). In return they offer the traditional media lobby, influence and participation in production costs and management. But there is a problem. One they don’t see. Lhorizontal communication would change the mainstream forever. It would no longer be imposed by the sheiks of the record companies or the verticality of the traditional structures, but, on the contrary, the mainstream is imposed on the networks and traditional media, as well as the labels, now, must obey.

It will no longer be a body of relatively similar standards, something that can be covered by a top ten, as it was a placement tool for new products in the nineties, but, quite the opposite, a multiverse of subgenres, identifications and actors would be configured. The map would be diversified and the business would be narrower, broadening the diverse expressions of culture, adding opportunities and clearly benefiting a musical democratization.

Now Córdoba has the responsibility of wielding the sword of a renewal in the music of the continent. It will also be an obligation of the actors that make up the scheme to accompany this process, providing the tools for the development of new artists, facilitate the resources to accompany the growth of the already established processes and encourage new talents. It is time for the state to accompany this new musical Córdoba. We have reason to be proud of our Cordovan musicians.

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