Córdoba motorcyclist hit by patrol car in serious health condition

two motorcyclist 30 and 25 years old respectively run over Tuesday 1 August Cordoba police patrol car Northwest of the capital. More than two weeks after the incident, his health has not improved, The father of one of the victims spoke about the incident.

they didn’t improve anything, what else can I tell you? Nestor, the father of the oldest patient in the emergency hospital’s intensive care unit, expressed his frustration during a conversation with the patient. twelve people. According to him, his son’s coma has been lifted, but “They put him back to sleep because his brain was still inflamed and it was putting pressure on his head“.

Security cameras near the Villa Nine of July in Córdoba captured the moment of the accident. (Video capture)

Soledad, the 30-year-old motorcyclist’s aunt, said the 25-year-old was the worst.At the same time, he revealed that he did not know if the charges against the police were “true or not” because They have not received any communications from the judge.

Medical reports of two injured motorcyclists in Córdoba

One of the motorcyclists proposed Head trauma, brain contusion, and pneumonia.while friends Head trauma and rib fractures affecting one of your lungs.the victim was identified as Franco Benjamin Miranda (27) and Nestor Fabian Moyano (30).

Cordoba judge charges police officer

Police officer charged with driving cellphone in Villa 9 de Julio neighborhood for the crimes committed gross negligence causing serious injury For driving a motor vehicle. The prosecutor’s office in charge of Georgina Gutis ordered so and decided to proceed with the release of the cash.

For all this, Men in uniform and roving chiefs fall into a passive position As part of an internal investigation. This measure was taken by the disciplinary control body of the Security Forces of Córdoba.

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