Córdoba: there are 370 thousand unvaccinated and there could be an impact on the health system

The province of Córdoba continues to report more than 15 thousand daily cases of coronavirusyes In the midst of this strong wave for the Omicron variant, bed occupancy rises. According to the latest report, they are 738 people hospitalized, of which 413 are mild cases, 325 are in intensive care and 109 with respiratory assistance.

As a result of this epidemiological situation, the Undersecretary of Health of the Province, Carlos Cánovas, assured Up Cordoba that if it reaches 65 percent of the occupation of beds as in the first and second waves, “Some changes will be seen in flexibilities so as not to saturate the health system”.

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The truth is that Cánovas expressed his concern because they are 370 thousand people who were not vaccinated against the coronavirus and, as he argued, “It is the point of impact in the health system”.

Of those hospitalized, he explained that “76 percent are poorly vaccinated”. Of that number, 52 percent have not had any doses, 8 percent have only one and 16 percent have two doses and, although they are already in a position to take the third one, they have not yet done so, “it makes an impact in the number of boarding schools.

Has Córdoba reached the peak?

Cánovas considered that it is still difficult to determine because “every day it fluctuates in the number of daily positive cases added to the active ones.”

In the coming days, “we need to see these days how the daily positives behave and if we are going through the peak or if there is a slowdown,” he concluded.

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