Córdoba: two horses died in square races at a racetrack

Emperor and Forastero are the horses that died this Sunday at the San Francisco Racecourse, where the Challenger Cup was held, the most important square race in the country. They denounce that in this type of event there are no controls of any kind for participating equines.

These races are highly promoted and attract many spectators. The prizes for the winners are millionaire sums of money. They are events that evoke country traditions but do not have any institutional support from the official turf.

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This Sunday two died but it could be more: on the internet pages and social media accounts that disseminate information about these quad-race races they published that two other horses, Rayo (the winner) and Apolo, had “complications”.

“At the end of the race, leaving the roundabout, they both died: Stranger fell when they took him to the pits and Emperor died when they took him to bathe “, he told, Eugenio Basualdo, spectator of the event and witness of what happened.

“It is a shame that there is no anti-doping control, this is a tremendous business. Before the race we all saw how they dose the horses. After they died, they yelled murderers at the owners and organizers, ”he said.

Anything goes

A man who knows closely the world of horses in the province of Córdoba, who preferred to reserve his identity to avoid threats, told this medium that in these events “it is not the first time that animals die.”

In the races “anything goes” and there are almost always high suspicions that horses are supplied with substances that enhance their performance to obtain the millionaire prizes that are in dispute.

For this race, the San Francisco Hippodrome was rented by organizers of races, at the risk of the loss of prestige that it could mean for the Jockey Club of that town.

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The official turf, unlike the quadreras races, is developed in the five racetracks of Córdoba in a legal way, with regulations, veterinary controls and with institutions that support the competition.

In the strictly competitive, the quadreras are short races of up to 500 meters while the official turf runs are of more than a thousand meters.

It should be added that those who benefit from the organization of this type of event are private individuals and not organizations such as racetracks, which put on shows where animal care and welfare are prioritized.

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