Corinne Harmony and script by Terrence Malick: film on the way?

If the project came to fruition, it would be a truly bizarre collaboration and one of the strangest couples in Hollywood history. So we are looking forward to it.

It is difficult to imagine two visions of cinema more distant than Harmony Korin and from Terrence Malick.
On the one hand, the extrovert, former bad boy who revolutionized American independent cinema in the 1990s, who, with a biting anarchic spirit and great frivolity, applied the languages ​​of modern visual (and musical) cinema to cinema, telling extreme and ultra-fast-paced stories. On the other hand, a silent, manic, lonely director who has made only ten films since 1973 (and only three from 1973 to 1998) and who, through cinema and unmistakable aesthetics, has made philosophy, spiritual reflection, inner journey and almost ascetic.
Suffice it to recall two films that lead to the inevitable Venice Film Festival: Korin – who ten years ago also presented the miraculous in Venice spring Breakers – out of competition with AGGRO DR1FTa mysterious and quasi-experimental object captured with an infrared camera and set to music arabmusik and starring rapper Travis Scott; Malik marked with a section Venetian classic with restoration Days of Heavena masterpiece that, in a sense, despite being a second feature, is the source of his aesthetic and his idea of ​​cinema.
In short, given these obvious premises, you can imagine the general surprise when Koringave an interview to the magazine GQsaid that Malik wrote a script for it.
Here are his words:

Terrence Malick has written a script that he would like me to direct. It’s really a beautiful script. And, perhaps, this is the only thing that could convince me to return to making films in the traditional way. But even then, the hardest thing for me now is just the idea of ​​looking through the viewfinder and shooting, say, people sitting at a table and talking. All that dialogue is there. All those things that you don’t care about. I don’t know. It would be something special. I have always loved him and his films meant so much to me when I was a boy and still do. But perhaps this is the only thing that can convince me.

There is a lot of curiosity at this moment. Curious to know what this script is about? Malik I would like to trust Korinto know why he was, what Corinne could learn from this scenario.
How easy it is to understand from words Korinand from the rest of the interview he gave GQ, the chances that this cooperation will actually materialize are quite small. But who knows if some enlightened producer (if he is still in Hollywood) might not be able to read this story and turn into reality what at the moment is a magnificent and intriguing fantasy.

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