Cornate d’Adda: A car overturns, knocks over a lamp post, and then disappears.

The accident happened in Porto d’Adda, on the sharp curves that go down to the power plants.

Accident with yellow in Kornat. In fact, around 12:30 p.m., a man rolled over in his car, knocking over a lamppost on the sharp curves leading to the Porto d’Adda power stations, and then vanishing into thin air. Investigate the local police.

Accident dynamics

The accident occurred today, Saturday, August 27, 2023, on the XXV Aprile road leading from Cornate d’Adda to the power plants of Porto. As it became known, the car rolled over on the side of the roadway, knocking down a lamppost located next to the road. Then the man would lose himself, leave the scene of the accident and vanish into thin air. The police intervened immediately, in particular the local Kornate police, seeking to shed light on what had happened.


In particular, agents led by commander Marinella Terzoli are trying to find out the reasons that prompted the man to hide, leaving the car abandoned on the side of the road. Judging by what turned out, it was not a stolen car, but used by an acquaintance of the owner. On the other hand, the question of a lamppost hit by a car remains open, the restoration of which is the responsibility of the driver (or owner of the vehicle).

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