Corona Apple Most of the employees Plagued by Work from home


EXACTLY.CO Although the US President, Donald Trump, turn off the borders with countries that are “dangerous”, such a step will not help the top companies in the country remained of the corona-virus.

According to the latest reports Gizchina, corona-virus main headquarters in Santa Clara County, Sillicon Valley joined in the Apple. And a giant technology heartland of America was released to work for local staff to at home. However, from home is only a recommendation, not a forced work. Therefore, some employees may have to work in the office.

Apple headquarters in Silicon Valley, also ask for similar companies such as Cupertino, Palo Alto, Mountain View and San Jose to work remotely. Apple ‘s move ” additional precautions’.

Currently, there are 20 cases infected with the corona virus in Santa Clara County. Cupertino, where Apple Park is located, is also part of the Santa Clara County who threatened corona.

The local government has also asked to do a number of companies in and around Santa Clara County, California, to the suspension of the activities of a business trip, need not in the office.

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Although Apple employees Park can work from home, retail store, in Apple Bay Area, which remain open. Apple has to protect the implementation of the measures ‘purification’ to the shop-employees and customers from viruses.