Corona Began to Drag it from China, the Apple Store is Open Again



BEIJING – People in China are happy. The outbreak of the corona virus Covid-19 has begun to improve it. The activity of the city, which is slowly recovering also increasingly. The industry has already set in motion, was running the operation.

So also in the case of Apple. The technology giant origin Ameria States this has 42 Apple Store opened after the prior close due to the Covid-19.

The closure is done to prevent the Apple that the transfer of corona, which is becoming wider. Concerns have arisen because of a deadly virus that has welcomed almost all over the world. Almost a month Apple ended its business activities in China.

Start Bloomberg, Friday, (13/3/2020), the Apple Store was actually opened again, since the last week, gradually, from 38 to 42 stores. During the four-Apple-Store other-new opened today.

Due to the closure of the previously done, Apple is aware of the fact that the company is not in the achievement of sales targets in China. In fact, the bamboo curtain country, the third-largest Apple.

Meanwhile, the Chinese authorities have announced that sales of the iPhone in February 2020 only sold 60% only. The decrease compared to the previous year in the same period.