Corona-delusions, Facebook and Twitter In danger


VIVA – The outbreak of the Corona Virus of enthusiasm. This led to the sale of advertising on Facebook and Twitter. As is known, advertising is the largest contributor to the income of the two social media. Ad sales increase even more when more users spend a lot of time on social networks while working from home in connection COVID-19.

“We do not want to money a lot of services to earn, where we see user engagement increase, and we have seen the weakening of our advertising in the countries that take aggressive measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19,” said Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, as reported NYTimesThursday, March 26, 2020.

In addition, shares of Facebook are down about a percent after a few hours, after an increase of 8.7 percent in the regular trading on the New York stock Exchange. Facebook said that the delivery of messages in the whole platform, an increase of more than 50 percent compared to last month is affected in many countries.

In Italy, in particular, the user has spent 70 percent more time in the application. A group call with three or more participants in more than 1,000 percent in the country, the Pizza jumped in the last month.

A day earlier, Twitter reported a rise in active users, but the prospect of sales in the first quarter of this year, slightly down on a yearly basis or year-on-year (yoy).

Earlier, Twitter is projecting revenue of between US$825 million to US $885 million, up 8.6 percent from a year earlier. Social-Media-based microblogs, it is scheduled to announce its financial performance on April 30, 2020.

“A lot of advertisers marketing budgets to control costs have drawn, because of the uncertainty of when the end of the pandemic Virus Corona. Some appear also, feel free to advertise with a discussion about the Corona, because it is the Chief Financial Officer of Twitter, Ned Segal said fear of associating their brands with a sensitive issue,”.

He called the spread of the Corona Virus has social media like Twitter is an important service for many people. Therefore, the people want to continue to follow the development news, and keep in contact with friends virtually.

On the other hand, many customers have reported to control interesting marketing, budgets, finances, as ketikdapastian about Covid-19. Advertisers also fear to have your brand associated with a subject that sensitive.

Segal also revealed that the total daily active users monetisable (mDAU) jumped by 23 per cent to 164 million people. It is especially the talking about the Corona virus, as well as various product improvements that take place.