Corona Hit the U.S., Apple Asked the employees in Silicon Valley, Work from home


EXACTLY.CO., Company smartphone Global Apple-questions of the employees work at the company’s headquarters to Silicon Valley home. It is in anticipation of the transmission of the Corona virus (Covid-19).

Quoted from Reuters, Saturday (7/3/2020), Apple has also asked the employees work in the Seattle area home.

To send officials in Santa Clara County, where the campus of Apple Park with a capacity of 12,000 people asked in the past, the company, the employees in the telecommunication or other means of direct contact.

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There are 20 cases of Corona virus have been confirmed, there until the 5. March, according to health officials.

“In California, retail Santa Clara County, will remain open,” said a spokesman.

Apple last month said the spread of the Corona virus in China lead to a loss of revenue goals for the quarter to the end of March and led to a shortage of the iPhone.