Corona Mexico 9 April. topics of the conference covid-19


Until this Thursday, 194 people have died due to the coronavirus covid-19while 3 thousand 441 have tested positive, 17 thousand 950 are negative, there are 10 thousand 105 suspects and 31 thousand 496 have been analyzed.

Hugo Lopez-Gatell, undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, reiterated that Mexico City is the entity with most cases of coronavirus covid-19.

Of those who have covid-19only 30 percent have required hospitalization, while the rest recover in their homes. Only 3.57 percent have required intubation.

Killed two pregnant women by covid-19

Hugo Lopez-Gatell reported that two pregnant women died due to the coronavirus covid-19.

Without specifying what state they were, López-Gatell reported that one of them died after the birth by c-section. The official stressed that both had obesity.

There may be shortage of blood for covid-19

Jorge Enrique Trejo Gómora, director general of the National Centre of Blood Transfusion, explained that because of the experiences with other contingencies as well as this there could be shortages due to the donation reduced blood.

The official stressed that as of today there is no shortage of need for blood donations even though it has reduced the flow of donors between 60 and 70 percent.

Measures to ensure supply of blood during the pandemic

To guarantee the supply of blood during the pandemic covid-19, apply 10 actions to meet that goal which highlights a call center system the national, state, and institutional levels and protect from contamination to donors as well as to workers.

Trejo Gómora explained that the call center will schedule appointments of voluntary blood donation. The telephone lines are: 55-63-92-22-70; 55-63-92-22-71; 55-63-92-22-50 to 99. Ext. 51656, 51670, and 51674

Use of plasma in patients with covid-19

Trejo Gómora reported that in Mexico, and in different parts of the world, are conducting clinical trials to check if a transfusion of blood plasma from patients recovered from covid-19 helps in the recovery of patients with serious by the disease and emphasized that it has not yet been shown to be effective against covid-19 nor the effects or reactions in people.

It will reach up to 250 thousand tests covid-19

Hugo Lopez-Gatell he explained that he was made up to 250 thousand tests covid-19 and if more are needed to “acquire all that”.
The official reiterated that they have enough money for testing

Use of face cloths in the CdMx, why is it recommended?

By its density housing, mobility, and the amount of contagions that are recorded in the capital and the area conurbated of the State of Mexico, it was agreed to recommend the use of face cloths in the Valley of Mexicoso what explained Hugo Lopez-Gatell.

“Each territory has a transmission speed is different and you have to see by the density of population and mobility in the Valley of Mexico, which is wider. From four weeks ago we defined together that the Valley of Mexico had its own command and operational coordination that could be expected to be more forward than the rest of the country in measures such as the community use of face mask”.

Does not provide releases of inmates by covid-19

At another point in the conference, Hugo Lopez-Gatell assured that it is not considered the temporary release of persons deprived of liberty.

The official explained that there is already a protocol directed to the federal prisons to prevent the spread of the coronavirus covid-19 in these areas.


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