Corona No Longer Make You Anxious, Pasar Raya Padang Is Interested Visitors


PADANG, HARIANHALUAN.COM — Pasar Raya Padang in Jalan Kampung Baru, Padang, in the province of west Sumatera, which is usually a favorite of buyers as one of the shopping center looks empty from the past few days. It is not in spite of the spread of the Corona virus.

As well as, the legal means to do the government not a lot of activities outside of the house. In fact, the market of Raya Padang, the emak-emak is often used by the public especially to the needs of the kitchen.

A variety of buy and sell transactions are the traditional market area, a variety of goods Mall in the Public service of the city of Padang in the never-escape from the public visits

“Yes, it looks deserted, usually during the late afternoon the area is busy once. It is so full that we often see on the market, shortness of breath, which he did. But according to the info-Corona community is so quiet,” said one of the visitors to Pasar Raya, Linda, Wednesday (25/3/2020).

Linda hope, the outbreak of the Corona virus, or Covid-19 that could soon be overcome by the government. So the state is stable again like it was before. Due to the strong is the dealer, for the sales, you need to a significant decrease in are affected.

“Hopefully, quickly resolved. It was a shame we are the same dealer, the left often complain to their buyers. If you look at the circumstances like that, I don’t dare to test it,” seloroh Linda.

From the observation of on Wednesday (25/3/2020), the atmosphere of Pasar Raya Padang empty of visitors. A number of traders in a traditional market that declare to be a turnover of sales has declined dramatically, by up to 50 percent, because of the lack of visitors, and, when the public concern over the spread of the Corona virus. (*)