Corona Shake, India, Samsung and LG lid, While the factory



NEW DELHI Samsung decided, in the vicinity of the factory, the largest in India. This step is a pandemic COVID-19 is wider still. The local government also issued measures to minimise the spread of the corona virus.

The closure of the factory of Samsung is located in Noida, state of Uttar Pradesh. The plant will produce 120 million units of mobile phones per year. Closure of the plan only a few days long, from the 23. March to 25. March 2020.

“We will work hard to ensure there are no obstacles in the supply of our products,” said a spokesman for Samsung, quoted by ZDNet), Tuesday (24/3/2020).

In addition to the giant smartphone from South Korea is also to ask the employees work in research and development as well as marketing and distribution, not to the office, but from home.

Similar steps, the LG is a South Korean brand, to temporarily close the factory equipment of the household residing in Noida and Pune, by the end of this month.

Meanwhile, LG has also closed the research center and manufacturer in the state Ginseng, due to some of its employees a positive effect on infection with the corona virus.