Corona-Virus, Apple Allows users to Wipe the iPhone with a fabric disinfectant


CALIFORNIA, Concern corona virus continues to increase. Along with that, Apple-iPhone-users clean their devices with a fabric disinfectant.

Apple on Monday, the 9. To clean March 2020 update page for your device. The page says now, Clorox disinfectant wipes, and similar products with isopropyl alcohol 70% can be used to clean the iPhone and other devices.

“Use isopropyl alcohol 70 percent or Clorox disinfecting Wipes, wipe the surface of the hard and pore-free by your Apple product such as screen, keyboard, or the outer surface of the other. Do not use bleach,” said Apple quoted Cnet, Tuesday (10/3/2020).

More Apple reminiscent, to avoid the users of its products, moisture and do not immerse the device in a cleaning agent, something.

Previously, Apple said not to use detergent on your iPhone. Because the concern is alcohol in the wipes disinfectant can damage the lining of the oleofobik (oil repellent) and hirdrofobik (anti-water).

Although now, Apple is cleaning use iPhone, the alcohol should not wash the users of your gadget with aerosol sprays, bleaching agents, and a little abrasive.

To observe to spread the COVID-19, in the United States and other countries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said a person can be exposed to, COVID-19 are exposed to through contact with an object that has the virus on it. Then touching the mouth, nose or eyes.

The CDC recommend the use of cleaning agents cleaning sprays or wipes and disinfect objects that often touch on. To prevent the goal, to help the spread of the corona virus and other diseases.

Editor : Early Angela