Corona-Virus, Apple closed All of the branches of the Apple Store in Italy


Apple Inc. close 17 locations of its retail in Italy by the outbreak of the corona virus COVID-19. The news quoted a statement from Apple that the company carefully monitor the situation carefully, while still providing online support and telephone to the customer.

Quoted by Bloomberg, the Italian is now under the national quarantine, because it 12.462 cases COVID-19, a disease caused by corona virus is new, and there are about 827 was confirmed

To spread the plague, the world, in Europe and the world health organization (WHO) officially a pandemic.

While in China, according to the Academy of information and communication technology Chinese (CAICT) Apple less than half that sold a million smartphones in February compared to the same month of the previous year.

China restricts travel in and asked to avoid the residents, the public places at the end of January, and most of them remain in place in February.

The supply of Apple devices fell to 494 EUR 1.27 million in February 2019. In the January delivery, the number of more than 2 million remains stable.

Research firms IDC and Canalys earlier predicted that smartphone shipments in total over demand of 40 per cent in the first quarter due to an outbreak of the virus hit and bringing supply chain problems

Data CAICT is also reflected in the overall mobile phone sales in China to 6.34 million euros in February 2020.

The above-mentioned data delivery fell 54.7 percent from 14 million in the same month of the previous year due to the spread of the corona virus COVID-19.

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