Corona-Virus avoid 10 applications, makes it Easy to Work from home


App-Zoom. (Zoom).us) – With the outbreak of the corona virus COVID-19, many companies use the policy to enable employees to work from home.

This policy will be taken to minimize the spread of the corona virus. Especially in a work environment, meeting many of the people requires.

You may be also asked to work from home by the company. In order to remain in the position of working from home is not easy.

In addition, the work involves team coordination in the enterprise. Also, the face-to-face requires, so that the vote is clear.

But to help quiet, many of the available apps, you to work from home with better, without to the office.

More details, here are 10 apps that can help when I work from home.


Application Locker. (Slack)
Application Locker. (Slack)

Slack bills itself as an application collaboration hub, because it is not only a chat application, the mere. This app is designed for the world of work.

The main advantage is to have a discussion or sub-group, which can be made to be more of a focus on the discussion of the concrete.

Slack also makes it easier to exchange files that the team needs at work. Certainly these qualities are can help to work from home.

Application of Slack available, not to mention a variety of platforms, from Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Linux.

Download Slack can here.

G Suite

G-Suite. (Google)
G-Suite. (Google)

Premium service Google this consists of Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hangout, Google calendar, and many more.

The difference is, the G-suit is not free, but there is a wider range. For example, Google Hangout with more people could here.

Also, Google Drive is a larger capacity, especially Google Docs, to collaborate with colleagues.

More about the G-Suite, can be seen here.

Google Drive

Google Drive
Google Drive

Find, free, Google Drive offers online file storage. Other users files can replace the of great capacity, easily.

It can also be a means of cooperation between team-members access to and editing of document files. Since Google Drive tersambugn with Google Docs.

Service Google Drive is very helpful when working from home, but you can divide the file size on a team that is very, very far away.

The Google Drive app for berabagi types of platforms, and the version of the freely available capacity of 15 GB. The more there are in the here.

Google Hangout Meeting

Google Hangouts Meeting. (Google)
Google Hangouts Meeting. (Google)

A further service of Goole which is very helpful, a Google Hangout, to Meet the premium version is free for the anticipation of the corona-virus.

Differences with the free version of Google hangouts online-you can Meet with 250 people are different and do live streaming to 100 thousand people.

Download Google Hangout Meeting here.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365. (Cnet).
Microsoft Office 365. (Cnet).

Create, who are accustomed with Microsoft Office, there is now the online be accessed. Namely, Microsoft Office 365, which is currently in the cloud.

With Microsoft Office 365 collaboration in the editing of a file in a different location is also possible.

In the paet Microsoft Office 365-this is the applications Word, Exel, and many other popular applications.

Microsoft Office 365 can be accessed in the app or the browser. More may be heard here.


App-Zoom. (Zoom).us)
App-Zoom. (Zoom).us)

Similar to Google Hangout, Zoom also enables online meetings with a few people. However, the zoom provides excellent video and audio higher.

App-Zoom for desktop and mobile. Also available for a variety of platforms via the browser.

Download Zoom here.


Illustration Of WhatsApp. (Pixabay/arivera)
Illustration Of WhatsApp. (Pixabay/arivera)

No doubt, WhatsApp, for app chat, the most popular. And there are many companies, which use it as a vote.

The application WhatsApp will be very helpful when working from home. Chat, send files, mobile phone and many other features.

Interestingly, WhasApp can now be used in Windows PC or Mac. Not only on the mobile application.

And the application is already available for a variety of platforms. You can download app here.


Skype. (Microsoft)
Skype. (Microsoft)

The Skype app semapt popular as phone-and video call P2P. This service is in fact very helpful if you communicate from the distance.

Skype focuses not only on the communication of chat, video-call, Tel. Now it supports many other popular functions.

Skype is also not limited to mobile applications, but they can be accessed through Windows, Mac, via a browser.


The Application Trello. (Trello)
The Application Trello. (Trello)

Trelo is a project management application that is designed with a simple. Suitable to do that the division of labour in a project.

This app allows you to book a list of jobs, and provide a marker for those who do it When it is finished, he can give the characters, anyway.

Very suitable for working from home in the co-ordination of the work of the team. Makes it easy, the work has already been done, yet.

For more about Trello, can be seen here.


Application Discord. (
Application Discord. (

In fact, not popular with the public, the application of the discord is famous among the players. Because this app is made to run in order to be able, during the game play.

Application is made to discord, to run, easy to put on an internet connection, which is not small, so that it interferes with the main activity.

One of the advantages of discord is a phone service is easy to and yet an excellent sound quality.

A discord can download here.

The 10 apps are very stunned, when I work from home, to avoid transmission of the virus corona.