Corona Virus Can Be Fears That Germany Decided To, In The Vicinity Of Three Border


TRIBUNSOLO.COM – The spread of the Virus Corona-the eighth power by the German state.

They decided to close their borders.

There are three neighboring country that closed its borders from Germany.

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• Hat were Closed prior to the spread of the Corona Virus, the students in Klaten, 2 weeks ago

Germany decided to close its borders with three neighboring countries to resist the spread of the corona virus, which is becoming endemic in Europe.

Three States closed their borders through Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France. Everything is located on the southern side of Germany.

Reported by Deutsche Welle, the closure began on Sunday morning (16/3/2020).

However, the officer still that the residents flashed for workers, the commute and the shipping of the goods.

Until this news was published, there were no further developments on the German border, and other.

So, the host country of the football world Cup 2006 is also bordered by Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

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Germany had previously said the closure of the border has no effect on the spread of the corona virus.