Corona Virus Covid Want To Make 19 Barcelona, Cut Players Salaries


Barcelona and the European clubs play in the Champions League already gutting a lot of income since the group stage. The income can arise when your pass to the final.

The problem is, given the Financial Fair Play will be calculated in June, the financial report is not submitted, the cover of the investigators necessarily the losses of the team. Inevitably, Barcelona must ‘outsmart’ the renunciation of the search for other, namely, the cuts in player salaries.

Barca can only revenue from other industries, such as official store, match tickets and Hospitality offered. Only the end of the contest, the income from these industries are practically closed.

The purchase of online merchandising is running actually, but still not enough to cover the spending of Barcelona.

Source: ESPN

Adapted from (the author Gregah Nurikhsani. Published 22/3/2020)