Corona Virus Spreads threat to the German border, all of which extends on Three side


BERLIN, Germany decided to close its borders with three neighboring countries to resist the spread of the corona virus, which is becoming endemic in Europe.

Three States closed their borders through Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France. Everything is located on the southern side of Germany.

Reporting of Deutsche-Wellethe closure began on Sunday morning (16/3/2020).

However, the officer still that the residents flashed for workers, the commute and the shipping of the goods.

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Until this news was published, there were no further developments on the German border, and other.

So, the host country of the football world Cup 2006 is also bordered by Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

A chance of closure, to reject had

Germany had previously said the closure of the border has no effect on the spread of the corona virus.

The opinion was) by the Minister for health, Jens Spahn on Wednesday (11/3/2020.

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According to Spahn, the time, the virus is still being spread, even if the border closed, because he already received.

“The Virus was there, in Germany, in Europe. This is what we should understand.”

“It is still being spread, even if you close all the borders. Sooner or later you will have to allow people in or out, and the virus will again,” from said he was quoted Reuters.

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Experts estimate that the chances of deaths due to corona virus in the country, with Spa facilities as sophisticated as in Germany, between 0.1-0.7 percent.

However, although the German had a place, the supply per head of the population, overwhelmed by the most intense in Europe, health services can quickly, if the corona virus is spreading quickly.

As a step in the expectation of, in Germany, a number of important events including the football League-the Bundesliga has been delayed.

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Residents are also encouraged to keep to themselves, or, how not to a concert or in the cinema.

Also, only the parents Greet should also be considered, because they are very vulnerable, exposed to the virus by the name of the official SARA CoV-2 this.