Corona Virus, the Help of drones, the detection of fever and cough : Okezone techno


CANBERRA – Drones will be used to help in the detection of patients with COVID-19. Quotes inewslast month, the company said the commercial drone Draganfly with a thermal sensor and smart technology in the field of computer vision to facilitate the potential diagnosis from the distance.

In this way, for the recording of the temperature readings compared to current methods, with which the infrared thermometer handheld could be more efficient.

On Thursday, March 26, 2020, Draganfly announced that they were selected, and approved an agreement for the provision of the aircraft sensing Covid-19 in Australia. This project, an initial budget of 1.5 million US dollars.

To note, the drone of the pandemic use of technology onboard, you can monitor the temperature of the associated fever, heart and respiratory rate remotely. In addition to the drone is also able to recognize that people sneeze and cough work in the audience or the popular group of people and collect.

“The technology itself has not changed in the last month. But what has changed is our ability to talk about the things that are certain, where and how it was developed, and its capabilities,” said CEO Draganfly, Cameron Chell.

Chell, the drones are used in different hotspots. “The integration of the technology in areas in which the detection of the most currently needed is a priority,” he said.

To the extent not yet known when the drone Draganfly flying in the sky for this purpose. However, as the urgency of the situation now, the earlier, the better.