Coronavirus: a nasal spray would protect from Covid-19 infection for up to eight hours

Scientists from the University of Helsinki, in Finland, they developed a nasal spray that could prevent infection for up to eight hours Covid-19. This product was tested on mice and proved to be effective immediately after application. However, they made it clear that is still under investigation.

This preventive treatment is based on the molecule TriSb92, which was developed by this group of scientists, has the ability to inhibit protein S (Spike or spike), responsible for entering the cells to carry out the infection.

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How the nasal spray works that could prevent Covid-19 infection

The molecule TriSb92 targets a specific portion of protein S, What is it common to all variants, for which they estimate that it would be effective against mutations already detected and, they hope, against those that may appear in the future, as they explained.

“TriSb92 potently neutralizes SARS-CoV-2 and its variants of interest, including Delta and Omicron. Intranasal administration of a ‘modest’ dose, eight hours before virus challenge, efficiently protected 1351 mice”, assured the researchers.

The study shows that both in laboratory tests and in animals this substance offers protection for “at least eight hours”. Moreover, they assured that this defense is also present “in cases of high risk of exposure”, and that it is effective immediately after its application.

A nasal spray would protect from Covid-19 infection for up to eight hours

In any case, the experts assured that a more research so that it can be applied in humans, as the study has not yet been peer validated.

The nasal spray would not replace vaccines

“These types of molecules that prevent infections, or antiviral drugs, they cannot replace vaccines in protecting the population against coronavirus disease”, said Professor Kalle Saksela, who is part of the study, in a statement.

In that sense, the expert pointed out that this development can be Useful to help protect the people who are insufficiently protected by vaccinessuch as the immunocompromised.

He even assured that it could be used as a extra protection for those who, fully vaccinated, must face situations with high risk of infection by Covid-19.

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Saksela also affirmed that this development has a technology that is “cheap and highly manufacturable”. However, he stressed that they do not know how long it will take for the clinical trials that could lead, if positive results are achieved, to the commercialization of the product.

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