Coronavirus. AMLO called to buy in tianguis and markets before Covid-19


Before the economic effects for the contingency of the Covid-19the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador called to the population to buy in tianguis and public markets and to show solidarity with the vendors of these spaces.

In a video released on their social networks, following the visit of the supervision of the construction of the market of Bahia de Banderas, Nayarit, López Obrador said that large companies have the how to survive in the face of this situation, but not the popular markets.

“Call to all mexicans to help the tenants, who help vendors in the tianguis in these difficult circumstances. In this contingency by coronaviruses are there to go buy the tianguis, you can go to buy the public markets, you have to help the small traders.

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“The ones at the top know how to defend themselves, they can withstand, the of down the go wrong at a time of crisis, that is why I call to solidarity,” the President said.

The representative stressed that, despite the contingency for this pandemic, it is necessary not to stop the public works, as the construction of this market in Nayarit, ”because it is creating jobs, is to revive from below“.

He also appealed to all politicians that “nothing more are thinking about it in the posts” to “come here to the market, we give them jobs”.
“We’re not for that, we are to transform Mexico and we have to be thinking nothing more on the people in the village and in the nation,” he added.


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