Coronavirus and Zika were caused by invasion of the human fauna, argue experts


Scientists from the Mexican Academy of Sciences and the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) argue that the increase of the occurrence of viruses as the Zika, Chikungunya and the deadly COVID-19 is due to the mobilization of the human population to new places, and the deforestation and damage to the nature.

The specialist Susana Chacón, who belongs to the Mexican Academy of Sciences, said that the increase and the overcrowding of human has led them to enter territories in which there is presence of wildlife that we had not had contact beforeso this could lead to new diseases that culminated in this period of a pandemic, creating zoonotic events.

The events zoonotic or zoonoses is as it is called to those diseases that are unique to a group animal, but that can be transmitted to a group of humans. Despite the fact that there is the idea that this kind of events are extraordinary, have the number quite high, as well have been created about 75% of pathogens and diseases that today afflict humanity.

According to David Kershenobich, an expert on Medical Sciences of the UNAM, the majority of the diseases that have affected human beings in the last few decades are of infectious origin, that is to say that were transmitted by another species, and thus the human body is learning to fight through the immune system. Therefore barely registering in order to identify them properly.

With the concept of new diseases does not mean that just have appeared but which have recently affected the human being in a massive number, and is therefore not included with registration on how to treat, some have re-appeared, as the measles, one of the most contagious diseases known.

Experts point out that through contact with the animals, who get the majority of zoonotic events, but that those events become events pandemic is alarming as it indicates that we are increasing the number of contacts with elements that could affect in a direct way the rest of humanity.

The coronavirus still do not know the origin of the disease. Despite the fact that there have appeared various rumors about if he is originally from bats or other species, the disease continues to affect a large number of countries. Until the moment, reported to be about 1.3 million infected all over the world, leaving a cost on human lives around 73 thousand deaths at the global level.

The most-affected countries have been the united States, Italy, and Spain, as are those who have had the greatest amount of deaths and of cases of infection identified. EE. UU. he has presented over dand 300 thousand cases of citizens infectedwhile reports around 10 thousand 337 deaths. Followed by Spain with 130 thousand cases and 13 million deaths; and Italy, which reported 128 thousand patients and around 12 thousand people killed by the COVID-19.

In Mexico, reported about 2 thousand 439 infected and it has been reported 125 deaths due to the coronavirus. The government maintains a sanitary contingency level 2, that is to say that the activities in public have been cancelled and that the government agencies are restricting the number of workers up to their essential functions.

It is expected that the government of Mexico to declare the change to the phase 3 of contingency where you will order a mandatory quarantine total and not complied with the sanitary measures, the authorities may detain citizens and to give them a penalty. Only basic services work and with restrictions, in addition to the services of supply self-service stores to meet the basic needs of the population.

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