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The number of deaths per covid-19 in Mexico rises to 233reported Health authorities during a press conference daily to talk about the situation of the country in the face of the pandemic coronavirus. In addition, the holder of the National Commission against Addictions (Conadic), Gady Zabicky Sirot, not called to increase the consumption of alcoholic beverages, as you could raise the levels of anxiety and stress faced with the situation of uncertainty.

Still in MILLENNIUM coverage minute by minute with the latest breaking news on the coronavirus in Mexico today, Saturday, April 11.

Cases of coronavirus by state

Map of fatalities by state


With speakers, ask neighbors of Xochimilco are not to leave the house- 14:01

About 160 officials from the mayor’s office Xochimilco aboard vehicles equipped with loudspeakers and loudspeakers urged residents to stay home as part of a campaign that reinforces the sanitary measures against the covid-19. The tours will run every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 10:00 to 13:00 hours and from 16:00 to 18:00 hours, until further notice.

Disinfect streets in mayor Álvaro Obregón- 13:50

The mayor Álvaro Obregón disinfected the streets of the colony Chimalistac, Pedregal, San Angel, Tizapan, Unit Silversmiths and the vicinity of the station Observatory of the Metro, in order to mitigate the health emergency by the covid-19.

Reported that the formula used is composed of sodium hypochlorite, detergent, and water, which is endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO) that does not generate damage in people.

Invea detected 67 business non-essential open in CdMx- 13:41

The Institute of Administrative Check (Invea) reported that detected open 67 non core businessas part of the operational monitoring which maintain to monitor the closure of establishments unnecessary to the health emergency by covid-19.

Van 69 cases in Sonora- 13:26

Municipal authorities of Sonora approved the confinement required to try to contain the spread of covid-19. In addition, the Secretariat of Health reported that in the last 24 hours to be confirmed 14 new casescoming in total to 69 in the entity.

Up to the moment in Sonora have been studied 546 suspicious cases, 477 were ruled out by lab tests, 69 were confirmed, six of them were cured and eight died due to complications of chronic diseases that are already suffering from.

IMSS detects a thousand suspected cases by call- 13:10

The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) reported that during Phase 2 of the health emergency by covid-19 has received 20 thousand 103 calls for medical guidance phone the toll-free number 800-2222-668, of which only a thousand 071 successors were suspicious of the disease from march 1 to April 6.

Still stranded more than 2 thousand mexicans in the world- 12:58

The chancellor Marcelo Ebrard reported in its daily report that so far remain stranded abroad 2 thousand 842 mexicans, while they were already repatriated 8 thousand 880, due to the pandemic of coronavirus.

Coahuila sum 162 contagions- 12:40

The Secretariat of Health of Coahuila unveiled seven new cases of people infected with hiv by covid-19 in Monclova, Piedras Negras and the Border, with which amounts to 162 the number of confirmed cases in the state. In its report, the unit explained that at Piedras Negras there is a man of 44 years and another for 39 years in the municipality of Frontera.

In Monclova, the new cases are a man of 24 years, a woman of 28, a woman of 34, a woman of 46, a man of 46 years old.

Isolate criminal from Cuautitlán for a possible outbreak of covid-19- 12:30

Elements of the Security Secretariat of the State of Mexico maintained a safety device in streets located at the perimeter of the criminal Cuautitlán, where we activated the device guard for a possible coronavirus outbreak in 23 prisoners and a custodian. The morning of this Saturday, attended by some relatives, who after being informed of the situation, they retreated into calm.

Stop to women in Oaxaca by selling snow in the street- 12:00

In the municipality of Zimatlán de Álvarez, Oaxaca, elements of the police arrested a woman who took to the streets to sell nievesafter the decision of the city council to suspend non-essential activities to a public health emergency by the coronavirus in the state. However, after the complaint of the family, filed an appeal with the office of the Ombudsman of the Human Rights of the People of Oaxaca (DDHPO).

SRE repatriará to 160 mexicans stranded in Latin america- 11:40

The Secretariat of Foreign Relations (SRE) announced that 160 mexicans to be repatriated in the flight of humanitarian the government of Mexico sent to Argentina and Chile with 386 foreign nationals stranded in the country due to the pandemic of coronavirus.

Reinforce security in hospitals CdMx- 11:08

Elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Safety (SSC) monitor the exterior of some hospitals of the capital cityas the General Hospital of Mexicoafter a doctor of the clinic of the IMSS in Azcapotzalco out attacked by relatives of a person who died by covid-19.

Aircraft of the Air Force fly to Argentina with foreign nationals stranded in Mexico- 09:40

A aircraft of the Mexican Air Force set off at 04:00 hours this Saturday with 161 foreign to Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the plane Boeing-737/800-registered 3527 were transferred 123 argentine and 38 uruguayans who were stranded in Mexico in the midst of the health emergency by coronavirus.

Placed billboards on National Palace before covid-19- 08:50

To avoid congregations, the government of Mexico City, in coordination with the Secretariat of Citizen Safety (SSC), placed fences in National Palace to restrict access before the outbreak of covid-19 in the capital of the country, where it already add up to 46 deaths of people infected with hiv. In addition, since several days ago keeping the same acordonamiento at various points in the Historic Centre.

[Foto: Jorge Becerril]

Quintana Roo reported 14 deaths from coronavirus- 08:20 hours

The holder of the Health Secretariat of Quintana Roo, Alejandra Aguirre, reported through social networks that in the entity there are already 14 deaths from coronavirus. Until the report of yesterday of the dependency at the federal level were 13 deaths. In addition, he explained that van 163 positive cases and 362 negative.


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