Coronavirus, April 23. Mexico exceeds thousand dead by Covid-19; van 11,633 infections


Mexico advanced as the thousand who died from the new coronavirus Covid-19 -1,069 dead – with a number of 11,633 cases confirmed. There are also 7 thousand 588 suspected cases, although with 39 thousand 664 negative cases.

As was announced by the doctor José Luis Alomíaaccompanied by the deputy minister of Health, Hugo Lopez-Gatellin the conference of 23 April from the National Palace. Subsequently, he participated María Elena Álvarez-Buylla, holder of the National Council of Science and Technology.

The holder of Conacyt he announced that the 15 may, the council will conclude the assembly 700 mechanical ventilators, and in later days the be installed in hospitals that cater to patients with Covid-19.

“It is expected to have at least a production of 700 teams for the first few weeks of may, which in accordance with the models, are the dates on which loom peaks epidemic. Is performed joints with different types of industries in a pop-up program of innovation, construction, assembly, in order to build an ecosystem of innovation emerging that Conacyt led to tackle this challenge.”

The official indicated that the goal set by the president, López Obrador was the to produce the medical team is 100% mexican, as well as with quality and safety in biomedical to address the health emergency by the new coronavirus.

“These fans would have to be invasive, technology 100% mexican, more expensive than those that can be purchased abroad and equipment with high quality and safety, biomedical”. A first model is to produce 200 units, and another 500, one of them is called Gätsi, which means “sigh” in otomi.

* With information of Perla Miranda

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