Coronavirus, April 27. Mexico sum thousand 434 people killed by Covid-19


José Luis Alomía Zegarra, director general of Epidemiology Secretariat of Health, reported that, until the night of Monday, Mexico amounted to 15 thousand 529 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and mil and 434 deaths due to the virus.

Suspected cases accrued amounted to eight thousand 614 cases and five thousand and nine cases in active stage. So far, 71 thousand 103 people have been analyzed.

In the daily report of Covid-19, Alomia reported that 137 deaths are suspected of the virus and the entities that have the largest amount of deaths are in Mexico City and Baja California.

The states with the lowest confirmed cases are Durango and Colima, while entities with more cases continue to be the City of Mexico and the State of Mexico. The incidence rate for the whole country remains at 3.91 for the whole country, as reported by Alomía Zegarra.

The availability of beds for hospitalization of patients with acute respiratory infection severe (SARI) remains at 20%, to be available 12 thousand 682 beds. Just this Monday, the City of Mexico, and in Baja California exceeded the half of your occupation.

The coronavirus continues to present mainly in males, with 58% of the total cases, and in women, with 42%. The median number of active cases is 46 years and of the deaths, the median remains at 59 years of age.

Until yesterday, the Secretariat of Health there had been 14 thousand 677 infections and thousand 351 dead. In addition, this Monday it was announced that the secretary of the Public Function (SFP), Irma Eréndira Sandoval, tested positive to this virus.

For its part, the World Health organization (WHO) warned that even the pandemic by the Covid-19 is “far from finished”, as there are cases and deaths reported in many countries.

Without conclusive evidence on face cloths

The deputy minister of Health, Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, clarified that the scientific evidence is not conclusive regarding the use of mask to prevent contagion of Covid-19, and although he supported the decision of some local governments to declare their mandatory use, said that its widespread use could lead to a wrong procedure of waste disposal.

“If these end up in a landfill don’t worry so much, but if there is a concern that, if the use of face cloths out of a massive and a wrong procedure of elimination, these may end up in the open public space, in mantles of water and may end up in the sea, so that they can have a damaging impact on the environment”, he warned.

López-Gatell also presented the results of a case study on the use of mask surgical to prevent spread of acute respiratory infections, in the same it was found that in four out of six systematic reviews have not found reductions of contagion.

Here the transmission of the press conference daily about the coronavirus in Mexico that deals with the ministry of Health:


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