Coronavirus, April 29. Mexico arrives to thousand 732 people dead, with 17,799 confirmed cases of Covid-19


The number of people killed as a result of Covid-19 was increased to a thousand 732, an increase of 163 deaths from one day to another.

In the journal report that authorities of the ministry of Health will give to know on a daily basis, it is exhibited that there are already 17 thousand 799 people infected with the disease from coronavirus, a thousand and 47 more than in the past.

At least 5 thousand 444 cases are considered active, that is to say, were recorded in the past 14 days. While the suspected cases totaling 13 thousand 263 and the negative 50 thousand 850.

The deputy minister of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, offers you this afternoon details of the progress of the coronavirus in Mexico, in the conference daily from the National Palace.

Until this Tuesday, the Secretariat of Health had confirmed 16 thousand 752 contagions, 5 thousand 329 active cases, and a thousand 569 people killed by coronavirus in Mexico. In addition, the Secretariat of Public Education, explained this afternoon that the back-to-school is kept to 1 June.

For its part, United States assured that the drug Remdesivir shows a clear positive effect against the Covid-19 because, he says, decreases the time in the recovery of patients with this virus.

Here follows the transmission of the press conference daily about the coronavirus in Mexico that deals with the Secretariat of Health, from the National Palace:

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