Coronavirus, April 5. Mexico reaches 2 thousand 143 cases of coronavirus; there are 94 deaths


This Sunday, the deputy minister of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, reported that Mexico has recorded 2 thousand 143 cases and 94 deaths caused by coronavirus.

In addition, he added López-Gatell that despite the fact that we are in phase 2, we are in a transmission “faster” and we have a lot of discipline because it does not even comes the more intense phase of the disease.

The Secretariat of Health had been reported until this Saturday thousand 890 confirmed cases, 79 deaths and more than 5 thousand suspects.

Here follows the live broadcast of the Secretariat of Health, which addresses the issue of the coronavirus, from the National Palace:

This afternoon, during the report-which gave the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador it was announced that the federal government will lower the salaries of high officials, and promised not to increase the country’s debt, before the crisis that atravisea Mexico and the world.

In addition, it was recognized that lack “a long time” to conclude with the health emergency arising from the coronavirus, therefore, called on the inhabitants to take care of yourself and stay home.

On the other hand, Lopez-Gatell said that the Phase 3 of pandemic coronavirus will be presented in Mexico in two or three weeks.

So far, the Valley of Mexico is the area of the country that is most affected by the virus.


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